For me, it was the first house I ever built. I am happy that I came across Avrame here, because the concept is really terrific. I wouldn’t have had the chance to plan such a house myself as a beginner, but I had been nurturing the dream of building such a house for a long time. The planning was super quick and easy. And let’s be honest, the price for this kit is really unbeatable. The construction of the basic structure requires some skill and there are also places where it sometimes tweaks a bit, but all in all it worked very well and the house turned out so great. The customer service provided by Priit is very quick and courteous. I would recommend Avrame to anyone who wants to build their first own house quickly and easily.


And as I see Avrame is also always trying to improve and create new opportunities. The upgrades created by them to the kit almost tempt me to build another house.


Model: Trio 75

Location: Sweden

Rob and Katie – Canada

We purchased a Trio120 kit home from Avrame in 2021 because lumber and steel were quite expensive and windows were impossible to find. The kit surpassed our expectations in price and quality and it was significantly easier for us to work with as a 1-2 person team with little to no formal construction experience (except a basement and bathroom reno). We got our delivery right on time and began building at the beginning of 2022. We expect that by the time we move in, in a few months, it will have taken us exactly a year and a half to build without a crew. We hired out solar, plumbing, electrical and HVAC and a few days of work with a buddy here and there. The rest was all us (typically one person working on the house 5 days a week because the other would have to be with our young children)! This opportunity was exactly what we needed in order to be able to achieve our goals of having an off-grid homestead and a place for our children to grow up away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can do it too!! 

Thank you Avrame

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 17.20.30

Model: Trio 120

Location: Canada

Chris – Western Australia

Personally, I cannot recommend the Avrame Trio enough. I brought an Avrame trio 120 and the building material had to sit in a container for a year as I had to adjust for some council regulations. Throughout this time there were some big storms as well as some hot high temperatures, and once it came time to build the Avrame all the building material was still immaculate. The house was really fun to build and we had the chance to customize it to our needs, something which in Australia would normally cost an excessive amount. It is a beautiful, big two-story home. The glass facade is way better in person than in pictures, and I thought it looked impressive in pictures, to begin with. All the team at Avrame is super helpful. They would reply to my emails within that day regardless of being in different time zones. All up I had a few friends spend similar money to buy a standardized home package in Australia at the same time that I decided to buy the Avrame, and the finished products are incomparable, the Avrame trio is completely in another league and anyone who visits the home in person is always left speechless. 

Thanks again for the magnificent product and the ongoing support throughout my building process  

a frame house structure

Model: Trio 120

Location: Australia

Roger & Ivi

When we decided to build a house we were not living in the country where we wanted to build. Without all the help we got from Avrame, we probably wouldn’t have gotten off to as good a start as we got. Their team was responsible for most of what we needed to get everything in place. The only problem we had during construction was Covid-19. We couldn’t travel as often as we wanted. We decided to build everything inside ourselves and now only a little remains to do inside. When difficulties have arisen, we have always received help from Avrame. 

Thank you!

a frame house in Estonia

Model: Trio 75

Location: Estonia

Casey – Sandal’s Sanctuary

Avrame has been a pleasure to deal with. All my contractors and myself are pleasantly surprised to see much better quality products than from local suppliers. If purchased locally I would have paid more money for a substandard product. Because it’s a kit and I ordered everything from Avarme, I didn’t have to order and wait for products locally. Everything was shipped and available at one time. 

Priit went above and beyond in customer service, always willing to help during and after the build.


Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 17.25.28

Model: Trio 100

Location: canada


At first, it was just an almost unrealistic dream. Build my little wooden A-frame alone, and full of charm.

Today this dream has become a reality thanks to AVRAME.

I cannot thank AVRAME and Priit enough, my AVRAME adviser, for their support and advice throughout the construction. Indeed, beyond the materials which are of excellent quality, I very much appreciated Priit’s support and availability. None of my questions, however numerous, remained unanswered. At the slightest difficulty, Priit was there.

I strongly recommend AVRAME, of professionalism, which I do not regret having trusted them for a second.

Living in an AVRAME house means living in a place that is solid, warm, pleasant, charming… Happiness is here.

Thank you AVRAME!

Thousands of thanks Priit!


WhatsApp Image 2022-12-11 at 7.40.21 PM

Model: Duo 100

Location: France


Avrame has been fantastic to work with. Building a home can be a daunting process but Avrame has helped make the experience an enjoyable one. From start to finish they provide a home-building experience with honesty, integrity and professionalism. Hendrik and the team have always been available to assist in any way they can and the building materials are top quality.

I would highly recommend.


a frame house in Ireland

Model: Trio 100

Location: Ireland


Couple of key words for you:

Working with Avrame: Fair, reliable, reasonable, honest, proactive, persistent.

House: Special, natural, cozy, beautiful.



Model: Trio 175

Location: Netherlands

Lenny & Colleen

Lenny and I have been happy to have found Avrame for many different reasons; the main ones being the excellent customer service and the quality of the product. While the whole process had it’s challenges (as building a home is wont to do), all glitches were dealt with quickly and with a willingness to come up with a solution, even if the issue was brand new to all of us. As for the material, we were astounded at the quality of the lumber, windows, doors, hardware… everything! It might be possible to source some of the same quality building material here, but it would be from a specialty supplier and would be far more costly than it was through Avrame. We are most satisfied with our decision to do business with you!

Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 17.36.02

Model: Trio 130

Location: Canada


I am a DIY person and I have always dreamed of building my own house. Avrame is probably the best choice for self-building. I’m very happy with my choice. My choice was a TRIO75 as this was the biggest TRIO I am allowed to build on my own in my country. The entire process of customisation and order was simple, easy and very transparent. The building plans were very clear and easy to understand, but I recommend learning them very carefully before the kit arrives and you start assembly to save time on site. Thinking, measuring and cutting is the biggest time waster when building, but with the Avrame kit it is done already. The plans are so clear that even if you hire a contractor I can see how the clear plans could minimize errors. The quality of the materials and precision of cuts was very impressive. We assembled everything with two people only and with no real delays. We had only one issue, the amount of external cladding initially sent was wrong, but Avrame corrected it quickly with a second delivery and it didn’t cause us any delays in the construction. 

Awesome products, by an awesome company.


Model: Trio 82

Location: Burlgaria

Jeff and Amanda

Having embarked on the ambitious journey of building our first home, we were fortunate to partner with Avrame. From the very outset, their product exceeded our wildest expectations in terms of quality, earning a resounding 10 out of 10 in our books.
Avrame’s unwavering commitment to our project was evident from day one. They guided us through the intricate design process with expertise and patience, ensuring every detail aligned with our vision. What truly set them apart was their willingness to go above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned to guarantee our utmost satisfaction.
Since the completion of our home, the accolades have been pouring in. We consistently receive compliments on the layout and design, a testament to Avrame’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.
We are immensely grateful to the entire team at Avrame for turning our dream into a reality. Their dedication, professionalism, and passion for their craft made this journey an unforgettable one.

Thank you, Avrame, for helping us create a home that not only surpassed our expectations but also captures the admiration of all who set foot inside.


Model: Trio 132

Location: Canada