Avrame House Kit Series

Here is what's different between the Series...

Besides the obvious beauty of your A-frame structure, Avrame  provides three floor plans with both charm and character: Trio, Duo and Solo. Technical details and dimensions below will help you understand the size differences for each. Remember, you can customize each floor plan and personalize it with your own finishing touches.

The difference between the 3 series has nothing to do with the number of rooms or the number of bathrooms. We made a video to explain this better.

A-frame Kit Homes

Avrame a-frame kit homes are available in 12 different models, divided into 3 series: TRIO, DUO, SOLO+.

Solo+ Series

Our SOLO+ series are good for guest houses, AirBnB rental units, garden houses, hobby rooms or just extra storage spaces.

Duo Series

DUO buildings are a practical choice if you need something between tiny house and full size house. Summer cabins, granny annexes, starter homes, home offices...

Trio series

Since there are no load-bearing interior walls, you can customize the floor plan layouts with ease to suit your families needs.

Double A-frame Series

Avrame offers a lot of possibilities to personalize the house. We can change a lot: the interior planning, addition of dormers, terraces/decks and skylights; make the...

Classic Series

We have put a lot of thought and effort into developing efficient, affordable and practical A-frames. It's time to extend that same courtesy to classic home models.