Emotion Mojo Angler Kayak Review

emotion mojo angler review
Emotion Mojo Angler Kayak
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Emotion Mojo Angler Kayak Review

Looking for a fast, quiet kayak created specifically for the fisherman? The Mojo Angler, designed by Jim Snyder, offers everything needed for a terrific day of fishing.

Custom Center Console

mojo angler review

One of the first features you will notice on the Mojo Angler is its unique center console. This center console is designed for the angler and features Scotty rod holder, drink holder, GPS mount, and dry box. The console in adjustable and can be moved forward, back, or can even be removed for times when it's not needed.

Plenty of Storage

The Mojo Angler Fishing Kayak features a large front hatch that gives you access to the interior of the kayak and space to store fishing rods and other gear. A cargo area behind the seat can easily accommodate a bucket or milk crate.

Dry & Comfortable Ride

Perfect for day-long fishing trips, the Mojo Angler includes an adjustable footbraces and seatback and is designed for maximum comfort. A built-in paddle holder will safely secure your paddle when not in use.

The Mojo Angler is also easy to transport with luggage handles and both bow and stern carrying handles.

Improved Tracking and Stability

Featuring a sharp bow, well-designed keel and hard chines, the Mojo Angler Fishing Kayak tracks straight and will stay steady even with the biggest fish on the end of your line.

The Mojo Angler measures 12'4 in length, 31" in width, and weighs in at 52 pounds.


Full Features

  • Length: 12" 4'
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Capacity: 250 to 325 pounds
  • Center Console with three rod holder, drink holder, GPS mount, dry box
  • Paddle holder
  • Adjustable footbraces (any leg length)
  • Adjustable seat-back
  • Large hatch on bow
  • Rear cargo area
  • Padeyes on the top deck for leg and seat strap attachments
  • Luggage handles
  • Bow & stern handles
  • Made of specially compounded polyethylene plastic
  • UV resistant

Emotion Mojo Angler Kayak Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Mojo Angler from actual owners are excellent overall. Almost all owners rave about this kayak's stability, but we did find one owner claiming the boat is unstable in rough water conditions. We included his comments below for your consideration.

Positive Customer Reviews

Fast, stable, smartly designed, fantastic workmanship, terrific components- and did I mention that this kayak was fast? I love this kayak, it's a pleasure to fish from.
-- A.B.

Love the design of this boat. I wasn't sure about the center console but it works great for both the rod and as a dry box. Tracks great, very stable.
-- C.V.

Great stability - I can stand up in it although it does take some balance. I'm 6'2 and it has plenty of legroom and is stable even in 1 foot waves. The high walls keep you dry.
-- C.V.

Negative Customer Comments

The mojo is fantastic in lakes, it is extremely stable on a calm lake and is comfortable and has plenty of room for gear. But in the bay it is unstable and I felt like I was going to tip at times. I only recommend for use on calm lakes.
-- T.

The high side walls make it hard to straddle or put your legs into the water.
-- P.R.